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Having a unique and individual style is what clients and hairstylists looking for. The key point to create a perfect hairstyle is the cutting skills of the hairstylist. Cutting hair with one-handed will be restricted by the cutting tools such as to restrict in performing professional cutting techniques, creating hair symmetry or controlling the flow of hair ends directions. Therefore, hairstylists often feel helpless to create a perfect hairstyle. Over years of research & development, Vern professional team originated Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique. Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique conquers all obstacles to one-handed operation. So hairstylists can perform all kinds of professional cutting skills with any cutting tools in a confident, healthy and joyful way while clients can have a chic and individual style in a shorter time.

Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting System is easy to understand, to learn and to use; it’s an essential technique all hairstylists must possess now.

Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting System includes Vern Both-Handed Non-Simultaneous Cutting Technique and Vern Both-Handed Simultaneous Cutting Technique. The cutting movement or techniques vary with different cutting tools such as scissors, razors, electric clippers, multi-blade and so on, and they can apply to diversified cutting effects.

The advantages are:

1. Vern Both-Handed Non-Simultaneous Cutting Technique

Both-Handed Cutting Technique is used in horizontal cutting, point cutting, slide cutting, gradient cutting, backhanded cutting, scissor-over-comb, fly cutting, multi-blade cutting etc. Cutting with both hands allows you to create symmetry in angles and in the direction the hair is combed in your hair styles. Also, you will learn how to obtain greater control over the flow direction in hair ends. Cutting hair will never be restricted by the shape of a client’s head, ears or shoulders, nor will it be restricted by the length of your client’s hair. You will achieve the desired effect for each client in a better way.

2. Vern Both-Handed Simultaneous Cutting Technique

This technique is undoubtedly a breakthrough from traditional cutting methods in cutting and texturizing. The cutting movement creates elegant, lively, harmonious and rhythmic visual effects. There are many benefits by using this technique including convenience, practicality, precision, speed. This method is very efficient in creating highly aesthetic results and various styles, which is a remarkable technique for hairstylists.

Vern Hairdressing Style College launched Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique to the world stage through HairWorld 2000, Berlin and Salon International 2001, London. After that, Vern Hairdressing Style College has never been absent from the biennial HairWorld or annual Salon International. Vern also receives numerous invitations to perform this technique in seminars, courses, shows and interviews from global companies. Therefore, Vern has been to 50 countries including USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, the Netherland, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Brazil, Mexico etc and hundreds of well-known cities.

The pioneering Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique amazes the top hairstylists and companies and obtains positive responses all over the world. People are impressed by the efficiency of Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique, which can cut and texturize at the same time. Moreover, any styles created by this technique will be individual, perfect, and stay in shape for long. It is highly praised by international hairstylists.

With two hands, human beings not only create civilization but also convey their feelings to people. Vern both-handed cutting uses one’s two hands to create an even more beautiful spirit in hair styling and flavor this perfect hair style with a touch in hairstylist and client’s heart.

We know well about hairdressing industry and concern deeply on our clients’ growth. Vern dedicated to lead the hairdressing industry into an era of new techniques and new services. We’re determined and will do our utmost to create a new milestone of the hairdressing industry.


Patented Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting

Vern both hands cutting technique has been patented in many countries, such as the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, China & Hong Kong etc. just to name a few.