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You’ll realize cutting hair can be relaxing, elegant and fun!!

Students will learn our characteristics under Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting System, which are:

  • Vern Both-Handed Non-Simultaneous Cutting Technique
  • Vern Both-Handed Simultaneous Cutting Technique
  • The Combination and Application of Cutting Tools

Vern reinforces our students with good flexibility in controlling and crafting hair by both hands and cutting tools. Students will be capable of creating symmetric, precise, perfect and unique hairstyles. With the help of professional cutting tool “Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors”, students can easily tailor the design to individual needs and bring their creativity into a full play, which take them to an utmost sense of career achievement and great happiness.

Followings are the benefits our course partner will get.
If you are….

A. Enterprise:

  • You can offer better service to both new and existing clients in that you bring them the leading technique and revolutionary cutting tools, and make them ahead of their competitors. Therefore, the client’s loyalty to your company will be firmly built, and your sales volume and market will be further expanded.
  • Boost the sales volume of your original hair product lines, Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors, Vern Courses, learning aids(DVD, Book…) and side products.
  • Create strongest Market Segmentation and clearest Brand Identity.
  • Company Image will change from an ordinary supplier into an informative, knowledgeable, consultative enterprise with high social conscience

B. Hair Academy/ School

With sophisticated Vern cutting techniques and scissors, your students will have better access to their dream jobs and diverse, smooth career development. In return, Academy will be beneficial in respect of student enrollment, school reputation, long-term management and so on.

C. Salon Owner

Vern Course is a fast track to your success since you can…

  • Shorten the training period
  • Reduce the educational cost
  • Speed up expanding your salons
  • Upscale salon quality & image
  • Satisfy clients’ needs and win their heart
  • Increase the revenue
  • Be distinguishable from other salons

Duration | Minimum:1 day Maximan:4 weeks( 5 days in a week)
Class Size | Minimum 20 students

Invite Vern Team



For being VERN Course model, you must be:

  • Open to cutting, coloring, perming by one of our students supervised under experienced Vern Instructor.
  • Available on the reserved date, at least 3 hours for cut and 5 hours for perm and/or color in order to ensure the expected result.
  • Between 18~50 years old

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