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If you are lucky enough to have watched Vern Hair Show as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Vern is a moveable feast.

The legendary Vern International Artistic Team is a must-have at international shows that can attract up to 15,000 audiences to participate. Tickets are always sold out. Flashlights follow Vern Instructor around the stage. Vern truly appreciates all the attention, support and praise. Vern is so much honored to pass on their expertise to all the followers. Applause, Acclaim, Admiration, Ardor….all come from Vern’s 3 Golden Keys:

1. Foremost and Exclusive Technique"Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique"

2. Groundbreaking Cutting Tool “Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors”

3. Charismatic and Indispensable “Vern International Artistic Team”

Engaging Vern International Artistic Team to perform in your show guarantees you a fantastic and rewarding Vern Show with 3 major elements:
1. Performing Elegant, Confident, Masterly, Perfect Technique:
“Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique”
2. Presenting Professional, Tailored, Efficient, Multi-functional Tool:
“Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors”
3. Releasing Practical/Fashionable/Creative/Exclusive Hairstyles:
“Vern Contrastive Hairstyle”

Your enterprise will get the following benefits by a Vern Show:

1. Best Advertisement Result

  • Open the market
  • Spread your name
  • Build up the most professional brand image

2. Large Attainable Profits from

  • Tickets
  • Hair product lines
  • Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors
  • Learning aid (e.g. DVD, Book…)
  • Side products

3. Expand and Retain your Clients

  • You can pull in new clients right away and close the deal without too much effort.
  • You can make your existing clients be on the cutting edge of the international trend and let them be loyal to you for good.

Duration | Maximum 60 minutes
Audience Size | Minimum 500


Invite Vern Team



To be the model on VERN Hair show you must be:

Open to any hairstyle change, including cutting, coloring, perming, created by Vern International Artistic Team.

  • Confident and comfortable in front of the camera and audience
  • Able to pose appropriately and beautifully
  • Between 18~30 years old
  • 5’7″ (170cm) tall or above
  • Size 10 (UK)/ 6 (US) or below
  • Able to walk with ease in high heels

Contact us to invite Vern International Artistic Team for hair shows
If you are the one we are looking for, please feel free to contact us and send us 2 photos of your clear headshots and full-length bodyshots.

Vern Hairdressing Style College
TEL: +886 6234 8518
No. 27, Kai-shiuan Rd., Tainan City, Taiwan 70153, R.O.C.