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Milan, Italy — Palace of World Fashion‧HairWorld Milan Italy—World Hairstylists’ Olympics. Identifying and recognizing out techniques and tools, the organization invited us to perform at the HairWorld Milan Italy. Vern Both-handed Faultless Cutting and Perfect 15 pairs of scissors perfectly present the latest contrast hairstyles with creative fashion, 21 century cutting technique and the leader of cutting tools. The practical hairstyle is created by the professional hairstylist’s exquisite skills, making the most fashionable & surprising hairstyles with characteristics and touching everyone with delicate idea and ingenuity.

1. Hairstyles’ Originality and Central Concept

  • Three Series of Ice Land, Simplism, Emperor: Innovation. Satisfying consumers’ demands with different personalities and ages.
  • Contrast Originality continues Vern’s Contrast Culture, including 14 kinds of contrast such as back and front, up and down, right and left, thick and thin, color, straight and curl, length, direction, inside and outside, geometry, volume, soft and hard, hairlines, and styles. These 14 various kinds of contrast can absolutely attract everyone’s attention at a glance!

2. Resourceful Content & Practical Hairstyles

The content includes 22 kinds of fashionable hairstyles and 2 DVDs. These faithfully recorded the live presentation of competition —utilizing Vern Both-handed Faultless Cutting with Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors 15 pairs—presenting a double perfection of visual and audio aesthetic.

In this book and DVDs, various hairstyles are shown by various models from eastern/western whatever their gender (male/female), their hair length (short/middle/long length), their hair condition (straight/curl hair), or their hair volume (thin/thick) is. Multi-functional use of Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors in all aspects presents hairstyles in various hair qualities, hair condition and hair length. Also, it will express Vern artist Team’s unique, professional, diversified, and artistic in leading global cutting edge techniques.

These 22 kinds of hairstyles are the most favorable and practical hairstyles which are easy to set for everyone and suitable in different occupations and occasions whether in work places or at schools in the daytime. At the night time, with a little styling, these hairstyles will be the most natural, confident and charming; and immediately change the person into a focus and a topic in crowds.

3. Multi-functions‧Maximum Advertising Benefit

Milan Hair Collection Book:

Communicating with customers and providing a professional image to the hairstylists.

The 2 DVDs:

  • Allows hairstylists to learn themselves or teach others by the step-by-step demonstrations.
  • Each hairstyle (front and side) is shown clearly with a zoomed in picture; easy for reading and learning.
  • Hairstylists who have Vern Scissors would know how to use scissors more effectively.
  • Display right in salons to provide a fashionable atmosphere to customers.
  • Window display can create a powerful advertising effect.
  • Subconscious marketing of illustrations and videos can present hairstylists’ professional image without being noticed.
  • Convey the whole style including Cutting, Perming, Coloring, Make-up and Clothing design aesthetics. These can enhance hairstylists’ own aesthetics sense to be diversified and aim at satisfying end consumers with the most complete service.