In September 23-24, 2012, Vern Hairdressing Style College’s turnover counter potential grows .It inspires the downcast market of Europe in Paris! Vern Stun the importers, distributors, manufacturers and top hairstylists by the three golden key to the success.

During the exhibition, Vern Hairdressing Style College not only introduces the original cutting technique system and the scissors, but also launches the new innovative products- “Vern Intelligent Combined Curve Scissors” and “Vern Bridge”. The new products have granted patents in many countries. All hairstylists and companies are boosted their morale on creative cutting effects demonstrated by Vern on site, and believe such unique and topical products can refresh the economy of Europe.

In brilliant October 2012, Vern Team will leave for the fashion cities-Milan and London and inject the vitality into the chilly European market.

The grandest festivities in the end of 2012 are Hair World Milano& Salon International. Top hairstylists show their newest, fabulous creation leading the trend for the coming year! Many of them are the admirer of Vern; they all expect Vern to bring them the new ideas!
In addition to introducing the originative cutting technique and the scissors, Vern Hairdressing Style College shares the newest hairstyle with four key subjects-practical, fashionable, creative and unique on the official website, Facebook and YouTube cultivated more than ten years.

Expect you to join us together in the vogue exhibition!